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April 17, 2015

With the observed celebration that is happening, and Government-Contract/appointment-seekers, sycophants and praise-singers rendering Appreciation and Congratulatory Messages and Advert Publications to Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan and Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, on several tabloids across the nation over the ‘stolen Governorship mandate of Delta State; you all should be reminded that YOUR DAY OF RECKONING is coming sooner than you think.

The day you all will answer for all your crimes against humanity will come like a thief in the night to make you all pay. For how long will Governor Uduaghan and his cousin James Ibori and now Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, continue to deceive themselves; thinking they are deceiving the people of Delta State? For how long will the PDP Cabal led by Ibori and Governor Uduaghan continue to steal the political mandate of Deltans just to remain in power and misappropriate public funds? For how long will Governor Uduaghan and his cabal continue to oppress the common masses in Delta State and be happy with it? How do they sleep at night with their conscience, knowing that they have deprived Deltans from electing their political leaders; having stolen their mandates at the just concluded gubernatorial polls? Do they even have conscience at all? We seriously doubt it because if they do, they would not have jeopardized their peace of mind for just ‘ephemeral gains’ of life.

The fact is that the PDP cabal in Delta State led by Governor Uduaghan, his cousin James Ibori and Senator Ifeanyi Okowa should have allowed Deltans to have a free, fair and credible election during the Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly polls. The PDP political thugs that I saw with my naked eyes sharing money to people to vote the PDP while INEC officials pretended not to notice, on that day of the governorship election is absolutely evil. Not to mention how these PDP political thugs manipulated election results with the cooperation of INEC officials. We should ask ourselves this, why is the PDP cabal afraid of a free, fair and credible election in Delta State? The truth is that if elections are seen to be won genuinely, nobody will complain.

I would want those interested, to investigate and carry out their personal audit on what really happened in the last elections held in Delta State. Why should we have situations where the PDP cabal and their supporters bribing INEC officials and the poor Deltans on the day of the election with public stolen money so that they should vote for the PDP? Can anyone call that a free and fair election? Situations where snatching and stuffing of ballot boxes and manipulation of election results were very evident, can we call that an election? Situations where the use of Card Readers were selectively allowed in different communities to favour the PDP led Government in Delta State and their candidates, should the electoral umpire INEC, sit back and pretend that nothing happened? How can the votes cast in remote villages and scanty rural communities be more than the urban cities in Delta State? Who are the people living in the swampy and riverine communities that make up the outrageous figures that was supposedly collated in the Gubernatorial election in Delta State? Who are the people living in the Warri North of Delta State that voted the huge number recorded? The PDP cabal in Delta State should repent from all their evil deeds in the State.

It is funny that Governor Uduaghan and his cousin Ibori have been in Government House for 16 years now, yet, with only few weeks left to leave office, the Delta State Government only woke-up recently to start rushing to finish some road projects. Is this the best time to rush and do some jobs and roads that have been begging for attention for years? What have they been doing since? Despite its commercial viability, why is the oil city of Warri and environs still without an airport.

The Osubi Airstrip near Warri is just a private Airstrip. Today all the oil companies have relocated from Warri to neighboring States due to the “I don’t care attitude of Governor Uduaghan and his PDP cabal.” Where will all these stolen public wealth lead them to? In the whole of Delta central the PDP cabal of Ibori, Uduaghan and Okowa had paid those greedy politicians with stolen public money to hire thugs to intimidate and manipulate election results with INEC cooperation. Imagine them beating and intimidating their own brothers and sisters for the love of money.

In fact, it is needless to vote and campaign in Delta State. The best way to win elections in Delta State is for candidates to assemble all the miscreants and few greedy persons they can pay to snatch ballot boxes and fill all the Result Sheets and give to INEC to announce. The poor masses in Delta State have been suffering due to their misrule for the past 16 years in Delta State Government without accountability. By the grace of God, we believe Buhari will install discipline in the public/government sector. As we all know, the President-Elect Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(Rtd) is a disciplined and principled man with great reputation and integrity and who is willing to serve the Nigerian people with his heart and mind.

If the so called educated elites such as Governor Uduagahan and his fellow PDP cabal should depend solely on ‘stealing the political mandate’ of Deltans just to remain in power and protect their self-centered interests, then the Nigerian society is doomed. But we thank God the situation does not cut across other States. And with the new Federal Government under Gen Muhammadu Buhari(Rtd), we are very optimistic that the situation in Delta State will one day be reversed for good. And these set of ‘compromised-public-leaders will be made to pay dearly for all the sins they have committed against Delta State and its hardworking people. We believe God will use Buhari to make all of them answer the wrongs they have committed against Deltans.

It is very painful that Deltans could not have the political leaders they have so graciously elected to represent their interest just because the PDP Cabal have decided not to allow us experience free and fair election in the State.
The Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan is someone who has been privileged to travel far and wide since he entered politics. So he should tell Deltans, with what they (as the PDP cabal) are doing in Delta State for the past 16 years, is that how these thriving Democracies had emerged? Is that how the US, UK and other European nations have developed to what they are today? We all know the answer to these questions. But they should be rest assured that God will make all of them pay for all the atrocities committed against the common man in Delta State.

We know very soon they will go to a Church to offer Thanksgiving for their stolen political mandate. But do not be deceived for God is not mocked or moved by such ’empty’ activities. God will not accept such ‘stained’ Thanksgiving and there is no amount of praise-singing, celebration, thanksgiving or noise making that will blot out the fact that you all had stolen the political mandate of Deltans to keep yourselves in power and protect their self-centered interests.

The evidence that we have to prove that the current PDP led Government in Delta State is corrupt is simply the fact that when we compare who and what they were and had before they came into government with what they have now, we would realize they have practically soiled their hands with misappropriated public wealth. Even the Delta State Governor is not an exception. The evidence that proves their level of corruption is in the number of mansions, properties, wealth and affluence these so called PDP cabal have acquired since they have been in government, particularly those that have been in the PDP led Delta State Government in the last 16 years or so. Most of them do not even have their own personal houses before they joined the PDP Government but today, they practically own a whole street and properties and businesses across the country. We are not saying they should not progress in life, but when their salaries and emoluments do not correspond to current financial status and affluence of wealth, then something is wrong somewhere.

Please, those who are close contacts with the soon-to-be-outgoing Government of Delta State should advise Governor Uduaghan, Ibori and Okowa to repent genuinely from their evil ways and render an unreserved apology to the poor common masses of Delta State who they stole their votes from for the love of money and power. Governor Uduaghan and Ibori should apologize to the people without pride or shame.

Zik Gbemre,JP.
National Coordinator
Niger Delta Peace Coalition

We Mobilize Others to Fight for Individual Causes as if Those Were Our Causes
Niger Delta Peace Coalition

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