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Delta State Governorship Election 2015: The Needed Change by Kelvin David Omovigho

March 13, 2015

Delta State for the past 16 years has witnessed chronic infrastructural decay, garbles, retrogressive and stagnate economics development in the hands of PDP led government in the state despite huge and inflated cost of government programmes. They continuously direct state resources to their pot belly and development of their stomach infrastructure, while looted funds are kept secretly abroad in coded bank accounts, or used in acquiring mansions worth billions of dollars in major cities of the world while the masses continue to scratch their head in consternation of abject poverty.

I’m patriotically constrained to express my disenchantment centered on the prosaicism that same collaborator and initiators of those loots, same crafty and insincere politician whose antecedents and continuous body languages depicts retrogression to our collective yarning and aspiration are parading themselves as the agent of prosperity. Vivid scrutiny have shown that this aspirant have succeeded in hiding under the guise of ‘zoning’, ”tested” ”experienced” in manipulating the psyche of unsuspecting Deltans, blind folding people from logical reasoning. The ‘remarkable failure’ and inability of the past PDP led government in the state to complete major laudable projects despite continuous mammoth allocations couple with past government and their aides bloated and infested with fraud and deceit, corruption and abuse of power is one of the main reason we need a complete change from the 16years of PDP rule in delta state.. Can corruption fight corruption? How does the PDP governorship candidate do sees to accountability, integrity and transparency whilst in government and what role did he play in the numerous on-going and largely uncompleted laudable projects which litter the state and started during his SSG days? Undoubtedly, the platform and the personality through which he is being propagated are built upon questionable morality and bursting of deceit and manipulation. We need right change at the helms, not change of guard or cosmetic change. Positive change is achievable only through flawless foundation which is championed by men of unquestionable character.

No matter how deceptively enticing the PDP governorship aspirant seems sanctimonious before some gullible Deltans electorates; his antecedents find him culpable in delta state economic and infrastructural woes. A vote for PDP governorship aspirant in the state is to give credibility and seal of approval to the failed successive PDP government since 1999. It will be a continuity of the looting spree and aimed at covering the tracks of the past government dynasty of which he has been part of since inception which will result in catastrophes for the wellbeing of all Deltans, as you can’t teach a crab to walk straight.

Moreover, we must shun those self-ambition aspirants who have taken active role in past successive failed government or who have held one elective post or the other such as house of assembly, house of representative and state assembly, without meaningful contribution to development in the state or their constituencies and vote for progressive, reasonable, competent and patriotic young ones who have the moral latitude and courage to address the yarning of the masses.

This evil will continue to be perpetuated against us while bad governance will continue to thrive against our collective intelligence if the good people of delta state fail to do nothing. If we don’t change, we don’t get grow, if we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. It will be foolhardy to continue to follow the same pathway of same PDP of past 16years or to pledge allegiance to same gang of thieves and expect any meaningful development in the state. No doubt that Great Ovedje Ogboru of Labour Party stands out as the rightful candidates.

It’s paramount that we obtain our PVC in order dispel all forms of darkness comes this April by breaking PDP patterns in the state: when patterns are broken, new world emerges, as revolutionary change is not an apple that falls when ripens; you have to make it fall. Its right time we stop celebrating criminals and failures. They are laying snares through cash, food stuffs and other gift as well as empty promises to enslave Deltans for another 8years.

Every informed Deltans must wage a new war of liberation against the forces that has held the state hostage for the past 16year as, so that our children can have a better tomorrow. It is time for us to explore another pathway that will bring Deltans into crucial developmental equation. If we fold our hands, we will definitely pay a dear price of stunted development, a replica of the past 16 years. Let’s VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE; VOTE GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU OF LABOUR PARTY.
Great Ogboru 4 Governor of Delta State

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