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Delta State Local Government Election: The Prophecy of Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan Came to Pass by Tony Osborg

October 26, 2014

I was truly bitter last night. I called my dad and poured the anger at him over the phone. I said, ‘God will judge you and your political associates for this open fraud you all have displayed in this election. For this insult, for this low blow and total disregard for the will of the people, God will judge you for this wickedness’. I needed to speak to him in a language he could understand. I saw him as the government and I needed to pour out my anger to this government. I wondered how a poor hardworking man like him could comfortably patronize such absurdity as his ideal.

The man did not let me finish before he launched his defensive, ‘shut up there, stupid boy, what do you know about politics? You thought I was joking when I said PDP all the way. See, don’t spoil my celebration oh. We have won the election and this calls for celebration. The election was free and fair as far as I am concern’. He handed over the phone to my step-mum and left (probably to continue with his celebration).

‘How was the election?’ I asked her. ‘Goddy, don’t mind your father oh, I came all the way from Kwale to vote, we waited till 2pm, when there was no material coming forth, we left. No election, nor mind your fada. I surprise say dem don call result even when we nor vote’. She concluded. My dad was the seventh and last person I had called last night, they all sang the same song of victory. A victory of shame. Someone I had called earlier even went ahead to say ‘Look Tony, don’t be stupid, APC did the same in Lagos, APC did the same in Rivers State, we have just done same here in Delta State, what can you do to change the system? Nothing. Stop this stupidity and accept the reality’.

How can a practically non-existent God judge my dad or any other official who took the entire people of Delta State for a ride yesterday? How can such a God judge us? A God that does not exist. I would rather worship a man like Emmanuel Uduaghan who had become God over us by knowing what October 25th would be and yet make us all feel like we truly had a freewill or choice to decide what the outcome of such election would be. Does that not qualify Emmanuel Uduaghan as a God equivalent? At least, he saw the future of the election, wrote the outcome, bragged about it, prophesied, and behold, it came to pass. If a higher God existed, Uduaghan and his cabals would not have become so powerful. They would not have become so powerful to the extent that they could say to more than a million women, youths and elders, ‘I have chosen your next Chairmen and councilors, whether you like it or not, they are your next leaders’, and it surely came to pass. Not even a united electorates equipped with their voters card could stop such divine prophecy. Who are the electorates, who are these mere mortals when a god had spoken? Well done, Peter Nwaoboshi, well done Ighayota Amori, well done Emmanuel Uduaghan.

As for the political appointees, governorship aspirants, house of assembly members, youth leaders, etc, who succeeded in abusing our democracy and disenfranchising our women and youths, I say thank you. You have displayed your power in the little way that you can. But you fail to understand that in this game called politics, what goes around comes around. May your own upcoming primaries be this lopsided and may the outcome be unfavorable as you have done to the unsuspecting aspirants whom you all have allowed waste their hard earned money in your melodramatic electioneering. You have all done well. Leaders.

As for the psychologically demoralized youths who are not only miserable but handicapped, I say well done. Well done for allowing your leaders rape you again, thank you again for giving your leaders another opportunity to continually share your monthly Ndokwa East LGA allocations for the next four years. Thank you for keeping silence in the face of tyranny and allowing the youthfulness die in you all.

As for the aspirants, Nkechi, Obi, Enus, I say well done. We saw this coming, we talked about it and yet we could not change it. We were simply like pencils in the hands of our political creators.

Again, we have all been overwhelmed by the criminality of our Nigerian political culture and system.
I wonder how people can be so comfortable in the face of such abnormality, irrationality, impunity and insanity. For the first time in my life, I sat in my room, alone, and wept for my dear Delta State , Nigeria. We have a lot to do for this cancer called Nigeria.

Even if they cancel the election and call for another round of drama, it makes no sense, it is just a game plan to frustrate the opposition in cash and in spirit.
Tony Osborg

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  1. Edwin permalink
    October 26, 2014 11:12

    Well written Tony. But I would say that God is still God. He sees everything and reserves the wicked who would not repent for punishment.
    The day of the wicked is marked by God. They may seem to succeed today in the face of their oppression of the helpless using state apparatus, but mark this, they and their children will sure pay for their wickedness unless they repent. Please consider Jeremiah 5:22-31; Psalm 73:1-19

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