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Comrade Reuben Izeze’s Promise to the People of Ughelli South

October 20, 2014

“Specifically, by the grace of God and as a Comrade, we do not intend to make promises that we cannot fulfill. The essence of a law maker is to make laws and if we are giving the opportunity to speak we will make laws to enforce law and order. Laws that will bring law and order to Deltans because without Law and Order, society will be in chaos. That is the essence of law making.”
“Our laws will be driven by the needs of our people, we shall adopt the bottom up approach and this we will do by holding regular constituency meetings with our people such that their needs and aspirations will be conveyed to us such that when we are appropriating, we will be appropriating based on the needs of our people and not on our own whims and caprices”.
“Our promise to the people of Ughelli South is that when we stand to represent them we will put the interest of the entirety of Ughelli South first before any other consideration they will be represented. That in a committee of equals when a Com. Izeze is speaking among his equals on their behalf they will be proud to say indeed this is our son in whom we are well pleased. That is my solemn promise to the good people of Ughelli South”-Com Reuben Rume Izeze, speaking to newsmen immediately after picking his nomination form for the State PDP Secretariat in Asaba.

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