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August 19, 2014

Enough of the foolish, stupid and deranged insinuations and conclusions drawn from my posts and comments on social media. If you support any of the political parties in Nigeria, don’t I also have the right not to be a partisan supporter of any of them, as I personally view all of them as being the same? If my posts, comments or write-up are viewed or interpreted by the partisan supporters, followers, advisers and paid agents of the various political parties as being a critique of their party, should that mean I support the other party? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Grow up from your warped minds and reason with your brains, if you have any.

Let me reiterate for the final time that, I, STEPHEN KWEKU DUOMODUIGHO DIESERUVWE, IS NOT A CARD CARRYING MEMBER OF ANY OF THE NIGERIAN POLITICAL PARTIES, AS I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY STAND FOR, INSTEAD, I AM A PROUD CARD CARRYING AND FEE PAYING MEMBER OF THE UK LABOUR PARTY BACAUSE OF MY IDEOLOGICAL POSITION, SOCIAL DEMOCRACY – FREEDOM, EQUALITY, JUSTICE AND SOLIDARITY. Not being a member of any of the political parties, does that mean I cannot discuss issues that plague my State of origin, Delta, and one of my countries, Nigeria (by nationality)? The other two being Ghana (country of birth) and United Kingdom (country of residence at the present). I will reiterate here that, I will continue to advocate for TRUE CHANGE, NOT COSMETIC CHANGE and I will continue to be involved in the social, political and public affairs debate bothering on Delta State and Nigeria as a whole.

On my involvement in Nigerian politics, I have made it abundantly clear that during subsequent elections, my support, campaign and vote will be for CANDIDATES STANDING ELECTIONS, NOT THEIR POLITICAL PARTIES, AFTER DUE SCRUTINY, BASED ON THE PARAMETERS OF HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY AND THOSE WITH ‘LEAST SKELETONS’ IN THEIR CUPBOARDS; AND THEIR PROGRAMMES OF ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT. So if the biased, warped, twisted and party partisan minds read any meaning they wish to my support for any candidate and then conclude in their minds that I belong to the candidate’s party, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it, and from the look of things, I might be seen as belonging to different parties based on critique. But my advice to such individuals, if they truly have politically matured minds, they should know that, there are and there will also be FLOATING AND INDEPENDENT VOTERS in all political settings worldwide, and it doesn’t mean if an individual criticises your party, then he or she must be a hater of your party or belongs to another party. GROW OUT OF YOUR MYOPIC MINDS AND START REASONING OBJECTIVELY. POLITICS CANNOT BE A DO OR DIE AFFAIR AS WE TEND TO PORTRAY IT IN NIGERIA, AND CANNOT ALSO BE BASED ON HATRED, BIAS OR SENTIMENTS. IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE BASED ON ISSUES AFFECTING THE POPULACE, AND HOW TO TAKE OUR DEVELOPMENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL, IN SEMBLANCE OF WHAT WE HAVE WITNESSED IN THE DEVELOPED CLIMES FOR 23 YEARS NOW.20130622_133123 (2)

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