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February 6, 2014

Below are other benefits Nigeria stands to gain if True Federation or Confederation is allowed to take its place, using the geo-political zones as the basis of regionalisation. There is unity in recognising our diversity, but there cannot be unity where there undue rivalry or competition. Akhabue Eseoghene highlighted some of the benefits, viz:
“(1) True Federalism will reduce corruption immensely.
(2) It shall be a major means of developing modern cities and not all these junk towns and cities around.
(3) Confederation will give room to competition among the Regions as it was in the past.
(4) In other to find an alternative to Mineral Resources by Regions without Crude oil, there shall be an enormous concentration on Indigenous Technology and Modern Agricultural Development, these will give rise to availability and affordability of food nationwide.
(5) Regions without Crude Oil and other Mineral Resources shall come up with alternative means of generating Revenue; Federal Government and the Richer states shall undoubtedly benevolently assist the poorer States.
(6) The states will be too busy looking inwards, rather than outwards while giving the central Government less stress and enough time to do it’s assignments.
(7) Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and the minorities Presidency struggle will have less importance, thereby making the Central Government less attractive, unlike what we have presently
(8) Influx of people into Lagos and Abuja and the out flux of Nigerians outside Nigeria shall be drastically reduced.
(9) Over centralization of Political and Economic Power in a particular part of the country to the detriment of others shall be no more.
(10) Many people shall migrate back to their ancestral lands, thereby creating room for religious tolerance, tribal tolerance, culture/tradition sustenance and the decongestion of over populated cities.
(11)`State and National Security shall be highly improved; Each Region shall have its own police while the SSS and the Army shall take care of the National and the International Security respectively.
(12) “Igbophobia” shall end.” – Akhabue Eseoghene
Nigeria Geographical Zones

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