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“Nigerian Politics Riddled With People Struggling For A Platform and Political Banditry” – Bishop Hassan Kukah, Bishop of Sokoto

December 24, 2013

Extract from interview with SaharaTV, “…..One of the greatest tragedies that have affected Nigeria since the return to democracy has been the inability to create a political class that can understand the meaning and essence of politics. The entire political landscape is riddled with all kinds of characters; some with criminal records who have come into politics, simply because is about the only way of earning a living. We really have a very serious problem, with the possibility of politics being taken over by bandits. Clearly what you see in Nigeria is because of the huge resources available, the political processes are literarily nothing short of banditry, with the collective struggle for platform, but whatever platform they may be, you can see the dishonesty in the constant shifting of platforms. From 1999 till date that we returned to democracy, there are people that have been contesting elections and have almost at every election have contested under a different platform. What we have on the ground in Nigeria so far is people have refused to respect the rules of engagement, clearly the whole question of constitutionalism, the respect for rule of law, processes and so on, are absent in the minds of the Nigerian politician. And so for me personally is a source of great worry, as this not what we bargained for. The sheer display of what I call executive rascalism, with little relevance to how to improve the lives of ordinary people is what is most puzzling. So now you have a lot of people in Nigeria moving in different directions in the country trying to wrestle power, but this is not to power to do good and we must never be deceived. A lot of these guys are not going to do anything different from what they are accusing Jonathan, it is the lives and future of ordinary Nigerians that are constantly being put at risk.” – Bishop Kukah

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