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November 22, 2013

After watching this video, there is only one conclusion to arrive at, which is, NIGERIA IS ROTTEN TO THE MARROW AND THE CURRENT POLITICAL CLASS ARE CRIMINALS AND FRAUDSTERS, IRRESPECTIVE OF PARTY AFFILIATION. There is more than enough evidence to send the culprits to jail for not only subverting justice, but also subverting the will of the people. Until free, fair and transparent elections are conducted both by INEC and the State Independent Electoral Commissions, whereby the ultimate will of the people prevail; our so-called charade democracy will definitely be head for the rocks. How can we call what we have now democracy, when the votes by the electorates are not those that decide or determine who governs them. The complicity of the security agencies in all elections must be investigated.

With the ending electoral fraud (Federal, States, LGAs) since 1999 till date, and going by the success of the 12th June 1993, although annulled by the evil, wicked and dark forces, there is now a serious and overwhelming case for the adoption of OPTION A4 IN OUR ELECTORAL PROCESS.

Ephraim Emenanjo Adinlofu in one of his articles chronicled the operational modus of Option A4 stating, “…..Perhaps as a participant observer on the 12th June 1993 election, I will like to chronicle the option A4 electoral process for the benefit of Nigerians who did not know about it. On that day, an election was held in Nigeria between the Social Democratic Party {SDP} and the National Republican Convention {NRC}. The late Chief MKO Abiola, purportedly murdered by the state machinery, was the presidential candidate of the SDP while Alhaji Bashir Tofa was the NRC candidate. The election went well. There were no ballot papers, neither were there ballot boxes. All that the electorates were asked to do was to go to their voting centres, check their names on the electoral register and wait until it was time for voting. We had one of our thumbs inked for easy identification during voting.

When it was time, every electorate was asked to queue up behind his or her candidate‘s poster. The counting of the voters was done by the electoral officer accompanied by the representatives of SDP and NRC. It was then entered in a result sheet, which, if I may still recall, was in triplicate. It was signed by both the electoral officer and the representatives of the two political parties. The returning officer took his copy and the representatives of the parties took theirs. They returned to the electoral headquarters with their respective results where all results were being collated. At the headquarters, the SDP and NRC representatives gave their results to their party representatives respectively, while the electoral officer gave his to his boss. The signatures were verified and figures cross checked and entered. Simple!”.

With the dwindling financial fortunes of the country, this will be a far relatively inexpensive method of conducting elections (no ballot papers and ballot boxes involved), as the huge sums pumped into INEC and State Independent Electoral Commissions have not yielded expected results, instead they have helped to produce dubious, criminal and fraudulent leaders (right word would be, RULERS, not leaders, because they were not voted for). If we want to save our democratic experiment, we must ACT NOW.

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  1. Collins permalink
    October 14, 2014 09:37

    the option A4 is actually a welcome idea in the forth coming election but my worry is if we can handle it with caution nd high level of orderliness because its so crowded wen it was done on 12th june 1993! God help naija

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