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November 9, 2013

“……These doubts and uncertainties we find ourselves in, causing everyone to scratch his and her head for solutions are as a result of extreme bad government at the centre since 1999.” – Muhammadu Buhari.

Not totally true, bad governance has been around since independence and was worst during the Military regimes and can still be found even in the States run by the new ‘Progressives’. Without mincing words, one can conclude that the Federal Government has performed far below expectation in almost all spheres of our economy, but it is not only the Federal Government that makes up the geographical entity called Nigeria.

Let us look at the scorecards of the States run by the ‘Conservatives’ and ‘Progressives’ alike and what you find is same across board – CORRUPTION; GREED; SELFISHNESS; CONTRACT INFLATION; PROJECT ABANDONMENT; NEPOTISM; MARGINALISATION OF SMALLER GROUPS; ELECTION CANDIDATES IMPOSITION; INSECURITY; HIGH YOUTH AND GRADUATE UNEMPLOYMENT; RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE; INFRASTRUCTURE DECAY; and the list goes on. Therefore, are those conglomerating under the new ‘Progressive’ banner the TRUE SAVIOURS of Nigeria? THE PROBLEM OF NIGERIA LIES WITH THE POLITICAL, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS. We MUST do ourselves a proper service by x-raying all the individuals and see the roles they played at one time or the other when they were in the corridors of power at the State or Federal level. HAVE THEY ALL TURNED SAINTS OVERNIGHT?

As an Urban and Regional Planner and a Development Studies Practitioner, and as an ardent believer in decentralisation and devolution, I know for definite that over-centralisation of functions at the centre, as is the case in Nigeria, has never worked anywhere in the world and will not work in the case of Nigeria. For there to be a sustained ‘spread effect’ and ‘trickle-down’ of developmental policies and programmes, the LGAs cum the States should be the focal points. GOD SAVE NIGERIA. WHAT WE NEED IS TRUE CHANGE, NOT COSMETIC CHANGE.


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