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August 8, 2013

The process of moulding a formidable combat craft that can crush the evil and impunity of imposition of unpopular candidates in Ughelli North LGA has been set rolling.

Politicians of over ten years’ experience and who have grasp over the grassroots network in Ughelli North LGA are vexed against some cabal that hijack the political fortunes of the people of the LGA through a machinery of imposition and they are resolved to dismantle the machinery and disable its operators.

Gathering for the second time in the residence of Chief Pius Ovbije, at least ten delegates from each of the seven clans of the LGA reaffirmed the resolve to say NO to imposition of candidates and YES to one man one vote.

On the second leg of meeting held on Sunday, August 4, a protem committee headed by Chief Pius Ovbije who got a unanimous voice vote approval to head the group with support of representatives of the seven clans who earlier formed the steering committee was inaugurated. They include: Chief Pius Ovbije (Chairman), Hon Akise Johwo, Mr Okpidiama Godwin, Barr Ekorhi Elvis, Mr Dennis Aboro, Hon Napoleon Umukoro, Hon Bestman Itive and Hon Joseph Onakpoma.

Responding on behalf of the committee members Chief Ovbije assured that the committee will expressed its ire at the phrase used to tag politicians of Ughelli North as Ughelli Northing which means that only two people can seat and decide the political future of Ughelli without resistance, declaring that they will no longer tolerate such impunity.

“Please stand by us and give us all your support to fight this fight and we promise to deliver on our mandate” Ovbije said and directed all members of the group to go to their wards and enlighten other politicians and the electorate on the readiness of the group to sanitize the political atmosphere of the LGA.

With the leadership of the group secured, the politicians proceeded to formulating a name for the group. Three choices were suggested and approved for onward transmission to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Abuja for the purpose of registration as a corporate entity that has the capacity to sue and be sued.

The Chairman of the group stressed on the need for members to be patient for the group’s name to be duly registered with the CAC “because the battle ahead will be tough and there is need to be prepared”.

He assured that the group will react to every complaint initiated by any individual or group of persons against any political party alleged to be involved in imposition of candidate against the popular choice of members of that party.

“If there is any complaint of such we will investigate and if there are evidences of such an action we will go to court to challenge such action and pray the court for the recognition of the popular candidate against the imposed candidate. This we will do and step by step sanity shall be restored to politics in Ughelli North.”

He displayed a T-shirt with the inscription say no to imposition at the back and one man on vote at the front and informed that very soon, the group shall hold a rally round Ughelli town to sensitise residents of the group’s existence and readiness to respond to their distress calls based on the politics of the area.


Ughelli - Ovbije Ughelli - Ovbije1 Ughelli - Ovbije2

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