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March 16, 2013

COMMISSIONER: Chief Funkekeme Solomon
MINISTERIAL PRESS BRIEFING: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
PURPOSE: To interact with the media by informing and educating them on State activities.
Responsibilities and Functions of the Ministry of Works include:
• Construction and maintenance of state government roads, bridges and drains;
• Airport development;
• Explosives;
• Construction and maintenance of sewage and drainage channels;
• Consultancy and supervision of civil engineering projects of other MDAs;
• Liaising with Federal Government and MDAs on civil engineering and other related matters.

The above functions are carried out under the mission statement that states: ‘‘To build a well-planned, integrated and sustainable road transport network with effective linkages to other modes to facilitate socio-economic transformation and development”. Policy target of the Ministry of Works includes:
• To increase the length of all-weather roads in the State from the estimated current level of 2,550 km to a minimum target total functional road length of 5,000 km through the construction of new roads and maintenance/rehabilitation of existing roads;
• Incorporate optimal drainage system in road construction projects;
• Acquire hydrological data;
• Implement fully environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) law for major road construction projects in order to protect the environment or mitigate environmental damage as specified by the EIA law of the Federal Government.
• Transformation of urban centres through the provision of good road network that will enhance effective flow of traffic;
• Provision of access roads in rural areas to ensure socio-political and economic development;
• Integration of remote, rural and riverine communities to urban centres through the construction of roads and bridges;
• Provision of effective drainage systems that will protect road networks and prevent flooding;
• Effective maintenance of road network, bridges, culverts, and drainages;
• Provision of riverine and coastal protection works against flooding and erosion;
• Partnering with other ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the execution of civil engineering projects.

– 252 inter/intra city and rural road contract projects awarded at a total cost of over N114 billion
– 58 drainage contract projects awarded at a total cost of over N1.7billion.

Among the projects involving construction/reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance of a number of trunk roads, rural access roads and township roads includes:
1. Dualisation of the 148.9 kilometres long Ughelli-Asaba Road. It was awarded in three sectors on November 14, 2008 to three contractors at a total cost of N44.7billion.
2. Dualisation of the 33 kilometres long Ugbenu-Koko Road. It was awarded at a cost of N11.2billion
3. Dualisation of the Effurun-Osubi-Eku Road. It was awarded to three contractors at a total cost of N10.3billion.
4. Dualisation of the 7.2 km Ughelli Arterial Road. The project is estimated to cost over N6billion. He said work is on-going and at an advanced stage of completion.
5. Dualisation of Ajamimogha/Ekpan/Okere Road; Dualisation of Bowen /Odion Road; dualisation of Cemetery Road. These already completed 4.9 km road projects have a combined cost of N3.2billion.
6. Dualisation of the 9.6 km PTI/Jakpa Road. It is an already completed project.
7. Dualisation of the 9.5 km old Lagos-Asaba Road Agbor township arterial road. It is being constructed at a cost of about N7billion. The road links Benin-Asaba highway at both ends at Agbor-Obi and Emuhu.
8. Dualisation of Okumagba Avenue/Deco Road and Upper/Lower Erejuwa Roads, Warri. The two projects have a combined cost of N3.3billion.
9. Dualisation of the 6.4 km Refinery Road with spur on the NNPC Housing Estate Road to Ekpan roundabout, Effurun. With a total cost of N3.3billion, it involves dualisation of Refinery Road and the link to Ekpan/Jakpa road intersection in Ekpan town.
10. The maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction of Asaba township roads. The projects will cost N5.37 billion, aimed at renewing the major road infrastructure in the state capital, Asaba. The project involves the resurfacing of the Nnebisi Road/Dennis Osadebey Way, dualisation of Ezenei Avenue, and the widening of DLA and old Anwai Roads. It will also involve the construction and maintenance of drains and pedestrian walk ways, construction of lay-byes on Summit Road and channelization of Summit junction as well as construction of feeder roads around Ekumeku roundabout.
11. Dualisation of the 2.6 km link road from Benin/Warri Road to Jesse town. It was awarded at the cost of about N1billion. Work is on-going and in fact nearing completion.
12. Extension of State Secretariat Road to Asaba-Benin Expressway (Maryam Ndudi Babangida way). The dualisation of this 1.9 km road that connects the Benin-Asaba highway and Okpanam Road in Asaba was awarded in December 2009 at the cost of over N300million.
13. The dualisation of the Government House Road, Asaba. It was awarded in December 2009 at the cost of N500million. It is a major link between Anwai and Okpanam Roads in Asaba.
14. The Sapele /Abigborodo/Arowon 11.3 km Road project is costing over N6billion. This is one of the projects under the Directorate of Special Infrastructure but with technical support of the Ministry.
15. The 3.3 km Koko/Uba-Egbelemeji Road project was awarded in September 2008 at a cost of N397million.
16. Gberegolor/Ogriagbene Road. This 20 km road project was awarded in April 2007 at a cost of N7billion. He described it as an important link between Gberegolor in Ughelli South LGA, and Ogriagbene in Bomadi LGA. The project which had undergone site clearance and substantial earth fill with sharp sand has now been taken over by the Ministry of Niger Delta Development for completion.
17. The Issele-uku/Onicha-uku/Ugbodu/Okwunzu/Obomkpa/Idumu-Ogo/Issele-uku Road is a 33 km ring road project which begins and ends at Issele-uku is estimated to cost N1.7billion. The first phase (approximately 10km) has been commission, while work is on-going in the remaining section.
18. Okpare-OlomuBridge and access road is a 120 meter span reinforced concrete bridge and 2.7 km access roads at both ends awarded at a cost of N1.7billion in 2006 to link communities in Ughelli North and South Local Government Areas.
19. The reconstruction of Agbarho/Okan junction/Effurun/Eku Road junction with two reinforced concrete bridges is a 1.0km long road with two 60m-span bridges, and three numbers triple cell box culverts. It is a short link between Okpe and Ughelli North Local Government Areas. This project which cost N1.2billion was commissioned in May 2010.
20. The Trans Warri/Ode –Itsekiri Roads and Bridges is a road with 24 bridges, and several connecting routes to the main Ubeji/Ode –Itsekiri road, which runs over rivulets and rivers. The project is estimated to cost over N27billion.
21. The Ubafan/Inikorogha/Azama/New Jerusalem/Zion/Oporoza/Opedebuodo/Okpele-Ama/Ikpokpo/Madangho Road and the Okerenkoko/Pepe-Ama/kokodiagbene Road. Work on these projects which run through difficult swampy mangrove terrain, and in which substantial earth fill was achieved before the projects suffered setback caused by the crises at Okerenkoko in 2010, will resume soon after re-appraisal of the project.
22. The Aradhe-Ushie 13 km road project was awarded on 8th July, 2010 at a cost of N1,520,607,348.93 will provide a short link to Ushie, Ashaka and to Igbuku and Aboh and environs.
23. The 6.05 km Asaba-Ase/Abari Road awarded at a cost of N602 million, will provide a link and open up Asaba-Ase and Abari to the rest of Delta State.

These include:
24. Access road to Umeh community. This is a 7.5 km access road to the adjourning Effurun-Port Harcourt Federal Road. It was awarded at the cost of N3.6 billion
25. The maintenance of roads in the Warri/Effurun/Udu metropolis as part of its plan to upgrade the road infrastructure in the area. Contracts were recently awarded for the construction of the Willie Street, Warri and Izakpa Street, Effurun. More roads are in the process of award to complement and link the roads being dualized.
26. Widening/Rehabilitation/Dualization of Enerhen/Udu Road. Contract for the 4.8 km road was awarded at a cost of N960million to ease the growing traffic on this axis of the metropolis and to remove the one-way traffic imposed on Enerhen Road.
27. Construction of Asaba Urban Drainage Project (Phase I & IV) Core Area, Asaba on which work is on-going is being supervised by the Ministry of Works. It was awarded in September 2009 by the Ministry of Environment at a cost of over N3.3billion.
28. Construction of Drain to route flood water from front A Division and Ezeugboma Street, Asaba was awarded at a cost of N104million. Work is still on-going.
29. Flood and erosion control measures at Jesus Saves Basin, Asaba is a project awarded at a cost of N400million to deflood Jesus Saves/DLA Road flood basin.
30. Omadino Bridge bye-pass to link Warri-Sapele Express way is a 14 km long road awarded in December 2011 at the cost of N6billion. The road bye-passes the existing narrow, and seriously constrained road through Ughoton and Jeddo towns. It will link the 460m long Omadino Bridge also built by the Delta State Government.
31. Udu-Egini-NEPA (Ekakpamre) Road is a 10.65 km road project to be rehabilitated and re-sealed at a cost of N1.3billion. It will improve access to the Otu-Jeremi and Udu areas of the state. Besides, it provides an alternative road between Ughelli/Isiokolo axis and Jeremi/Udu/Effurun/Warri axis.
32. Egbo-Ayakoromor Bridge is a major bridge designed which design has been completed, will be awarded this year at a cost of over N9billion
33. Eku Bridge is a proposed project across River Ethiope at Eku. It is expected to provide access to the parts of the state on the other side of Ethiope River and link up the Jesse area in the long run.
34. Airport development. The airports include: the Asaba International Airport now operational with daily scheduled local flights, and an International Airport at Osubi to complement the existing Osubi Airport.

Source: FlashPointNews

solomon funkekeme

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  1. sTeve permalink
    March 16, 2013 11:07

    Say what???????????
    The jakpa/ekpan road,
    Cemetary/odion roads,
    Ughelli arterial road,
    Olomu bridge,
    Pti roads,
    Ajamimogha/ ekpen/okere roads are all ibori projects
    At least we knew when the roads were constructed.

  2. arubasa ernest permalink
    February 12, 2014 10:03

    well-done. but I will like to appeal to the honourable commissioner to kindly look into the street directly opposite summit junction for construction. the street is link to ibusa expressway.

  3. okpoze God'spower permalink
    September 21, 2014 11:34

    well done honourable commissioner for all ur good works and initiatives. your ministery have tried in awarding so many project and even completed some like the enheren/udu road & some numerous others which is also a means of creating employment opportunity for d youths of d state, but i also want 2 plead with d commissioner to impliment more policies that will be oriented towards job creation for the jobless youth.

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