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December 29, 2012
A.    We are watching with grave concern how a so-called Citizens Against Crimes (CAC), an invisible group without a known address and any contact information whatsoever, is loitering around on the Internet to blackmail, libel, defame and disparage the hard-earned sterling reputation of Barr. Mike Igini, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) for Cross River State who is well-known for his principled stance on credible elections and zero-tolerance for corrupt practices. We note that rather than file a proper petition with anti-corruption agencies against the Hon. REC (as it should be), this phantom body has made it a primary agenda to attempt the impossible task of pulling him down based solely on wild allegations. We are however pleased to note also that Hon. Mike Igini has gone far ahead of his shadowy traducers to call on relevant anti-corruption agencies to look into this case wherein he is indeed the unjustly accused. In other words, the Hon. REC is declaring, consistent with his reputation, that, “Here I am, search me.”
B.     As part of our agenda of encouraging unwavering commitment to pristine values necessary for excellence in public service, this Project has consistently awarded Barr. Igini its highest Triple A (AAA) rating since his inspiring appointment as INEC’s REC in 2010 by President Goodluck Jonathan. A dent on his image therefore would dent our rating of him. It would require a very compelling case backed by irrefutable evidence for us, and indeed reasonable persons, to accept a contrary definition of the reputation of this vibrant and upward mobile public servant who is serving in no small measure to inspire a whole new generation of young Nigerians on the path we must chart towards greatness.
C.     Without prejudging the outcomes of possible investigations, we make bold to say that Citizens Against Crimes has not shown any shred of reason or evidence in support of its sickening attacks against Barr. Igini. Rather, it relies only on conjectures, innuendos, bogus assumptions, fairy tales and outright blackmail tactics to accuse a good man. We deal with their case against the Hon. REC in summary:
1.       ON THE ALLEGED OWNERSHIP OF AN OIL AND GAS COMPANY: Citizens Against Crimes claims Barr. Mike Igini owns an ”Oil and Gas Company” managed by his “elder brother” at Apapa in Lagos. On the contrary, checks carried out at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) confirm that there is no company by the name ”Oil andGas Company” or any other in the oil and gas industry wherein Barr. Mike Igini has ownership interest. Because they are on a fairy tale mission, Hon. Igini’s traducers could not name the “elder brother” neither could they state the exact location/address of the so-called ”Oil and Gas Company”.
We must however quickly add here that our above stated analysis is without any scintilla of prejudice to Barr. Igini’s unfettered right to engage in any legitimate business including in the oil and gas sector subject to the laws of the land and the dictates of his oath of office.
2.       ON THE ALLEGED OWNERSHIP OF A FLEET OF LUXURY CARS: On the spurious allegation that Barr. Igini has a fleet of cars; we condemn this as just petty, as we are aware that the Hon. REC has bought only one (1) car since his assumption of office in INEC. Barr. Igini does not have ”M-Benz 320, Range Rover SUV nor given Landcruiser Jeep by INEC” as alleged by his begrudging blackmailers who are hiding under the faceless Citizens Against Crimes.  Again, we reiterate our broad view that assuming he actually has the cars ascribed to his name in the realm of fantasy by Citizens Against Crimes while libelling him criminally just to bring him to public opprobrium, nothing would be wrong in so far as the ownership of such cars is not linked to corruption. In any case, Barr. Igini does not believe in primitive accumulation, particularly of the specie made possible by corruption from public coffers.
3.       ON THE ALLEGED OWNERSHIP OF ASSETS WORTH BILLIONS NAIRA: This fabrication is as wild and unbelievable as the very essence or mission of the faceless promoters of Citizens Against Crimes. Where are the properties or assets worth billions of naira located? Knowing Barr. Igini, we are able to declare that his blackmailers in Citizens Against Crimes should take possession of these assets wherever they may be and sell and make use of the proceeds to organise their group better in so far it would redirect their energies to genuinely help our Nation’s fight against corruption.
4.       We note too that Citizens Against Crimes, as professionals in the art and science of corruption, may be, easily identified FIVE (5) means by which corrupt persons secure sudden wealth viz: ”KICKBACK””EMBEZZLEMENT”,”ASSASSINATION”, ”MONEY LAUNDERING” and ”RITUAL KILLING”. Because their sole target in the Internet publication is Barr. Igini, it would seem that his alleged ‘sudden wealth’ is derived from some or an aggregate of all the stated means. However they failed to name a particular instance wherein the Hon. REC is directly or indirectly involved.
D.    We hold the firm view that Citizens Against Crimes is being organised by enemies of our democracy to attack the very soul and conscience of INEC epitomised by those like Barr. Igini who are committed to electoral sanity in this nation. They may appear very disorgainsed in content and operation for now but it is nonetheless a very dangerous group being groomed to blackmail and disorientate those who are committed to credible elections in INEC. If a faceless group could just announce wild, unsustainable allegations against a man of Barr. Mike Igini’s strong character, then we are in serious trouble as 2015 approaches. This Project will not accept it. We ask relevant anti-corruption and security agencies of government to promptly move in to investigate those behind Citizens Against Crimes and bring them to justice speedily. We specifically ask concerned authorities to investigate the promoters of CKN Nigeria ( and Urhobo Today blogs on how they got and published the original story before it went virile on Facebook and other social media. The very striking use of the personalised phrase “am happy” at the end of the statement said to have been issued by the group is an obvious indication that it is indeed one individual with possible criminal, fraudulent and disgruntled inclinations that did this, on behalf of his sponsors, maybe. We ask investigating authorities to follow this lead. This emerging reckless criminal behaviour has to be tamed now.
Dr. Deni. D. Adekunle
President, Credible Elections Project

 Barr Mike Igini

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