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September 4, 2012

“The Police have been trying to put me under lock and key in the last month, with the Judges on vacation like they did in 2009. So I have been moving around not to give them that opportunity.” – Fred Bardy

On the 22nd of August 2012 Fred Bardy sent an SOS to the Inspector General of Police. Below is an extract
“Some CID personnel of the Delta State Police Command are discrediting the Police. Over the last month they have being harassing my family and tenants in Asaba. They are consciously violating the court orders. I had disputes with a former family tenant who in concert with some members of the Police, PHCN and the Court had me detained in prison illegally for 6 weeks in 2009 via a court strike. They extorted from my family over N100,000.00 then for my release. They are it again, even after a Civil Court has struck out same case twice. (See attached current Police invitation for an interview without an explanation.)

Last time I put my trust in the system I was grossly abused and dehumanized. Upon my release from prison I went to the headquarters to obtain the transcript of my incarceration. The officer I met seized the court papers I presented, threatened and kicked me out of his office saying “this is Nigeria”. I went to report to the then Commissioner of Police whose Assistant gave me a run around without any answers. I left the issue going about my life, yet they won’t stop.

Please sir, address this issue before they bring the Police further embarrassments. I truly look forward to you and your good office in tackling this before it escalates. I am not one to raise false alarms. My community comes first, like my state and the nation.

Thank you very much sir.

Citizen Fred Bardy



Fred Bardy is a known critic of the Delta State government and has not hidden his for quest for transparency, accountability and good governance in the State and has shown his interesting in contesting the Chairmanship position for Oshimili South Local Government Area. See his facebook page –

As at yesterday 3rd September 2012 Fred Bardy’s lawyer scheduled an appointment which was not kept, and rescheduled for today, Tuesday 4th September 2012 with the Police at the Delta State Command, Asaba at 1pm, to give us the opportunity in alerting Deltans, Nigerians and the world at large on the happenings..

Below are details on the previous case with the Police, though no one knows the specifics of this current Police invitation.

“(A). Circa June/July 2009 I was jailed for a night for locking up a family tenant’s store who was 2 years plus behind on his rent after failed negotiations.
(B). Friday 30/10/2009 we went to court where I was charged with Tribunal Offences (CMA/275c/2009). I was ordered to be detained at Ogwashi Ukwu prisons pending advice from office of the Director of Public Prosecution. On the following Monday the judiciary went on strike.
(C). 30/11/2009 – Legal advice from DPP Ref # AB: 3514/DTS/X/LEG/VOL-20/125 that I be released in the interest of Justice.
(D). 11/12/2009 – Fred Bardy was released after his family parted with over N100,000.00.
(E). N13.5m Civil Suit #A/23/2010 filed against me but was dismissed twice at High Court of Justice Asaba.”


From the look of things, the SOS sent to the Inspector General of Police has not been acted upon. The questions we need to raise from the foregoing are:

  1. Is the piece of paper on which the invitation was made, inviting Fred Bardy the appropriate way of Police invitation?
  2. Why is the Delta State Police Command inviting Fred Bardy?


This release is being to alert all Deltans and Nigerians to the plight faced by Fred Bardy and demand that no untold harm comes to him. There unsolved Police cases of brutalization and extra judicial killings that have taken place in Delta State, and call on the good office of the Inspector General of Police, IGP Abubakar in wading into this case before it gets out of hand. We are all aware of the good works being carried out by the IGP in modernizing the Nigerian Police Force.


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