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July 31, 2012


It all started early 2009 when HRH Oreki II JP, Ovie of Oghara Kingdom was holding meeting with all the chiefs, when all of a sudden, Mr. William Ibori, elder brother of Chief James Ibori, then acting as Unugbrogodo of Ogharefe sub clan, and Chief Abraham Tietie, then Unugbrogodo of Oghareki sub clan and all the chiefs staged a walk out on the Ovie. They now ordered that no chief should go to the King, and that a fine of N20,000 and one shegoat awaits any culprit. The entire chiefs then abandoned the palace for almost seven months no chief visited the palace, and the king was just with his family. In 2009, Mr. William Ibori challenged the authority of the Ovie, HRH Oreki II JP by installing 48 persons as chiefs without approval from the king. The question is in what capacity and based on whose directive and/or powers did Mr. William Ibori install the chiefs?

In a bid to bring normalcy to the Oghara King, the late King, HRM Oreki II, the Ovie of Oghara Kingdom, on 26th July 2010 stripped the former Unugbrogodo of Oghara Kingdom, William Ibori, elder brother of Chief James Ibori, former Governor of Delta State, as an Okakuro (Chief) of Oghara Kingdom. This position was contained in a letter addressed to William Ibori by the King, at a media briefing in  his Palace at Oghara. In which the late King said, “by the powers vested on me as the Ovie of Oghara Kingdom, I hereby divest you of the position of a Chief (Okakuro) in Oghara Kingdom with immediate effect. This is as a result of your gross acts of disloyalty and disrespect to me and the traditional institution I represent.” The letter also stated that “Furthermore, you (William Ibori) unlawfully installed 48 persons as chiefs  in Ogharefe. On two occasions, you were summoned by the respected traditional rulers of the 23 Kingdoms in Urhoboland to defend yourself, but you chose to snub the royal fathers. Please desist forthwith from addressing yourself as a Chief of Oghara Kingdom. Also, you should stop wearing any of the insignia/regalia of a Chief of Oghara Kingdom. All relevant institutions and security agencies have been duly advised of this position. They include the State Security Service,  Oghara, the Commandment, Squadron 51, Mopol, the Flag Officer Commanding, Logistics Command, Nigerian Navy, the Council of Chiefs and Elders,  among others,”

When the late King stripped Mr. William Ibori of his chieftaincy title, he communicated same to Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan and the Delta State Government, but rather than respect the order of the king, the government continued to patronise Mr. William Ibori as a chief, because he is elder brother of former Governor, Chief James Ibori. Instead of acting on the King’s order, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan backed Mr. William Ibori, while he (Mr. William Ibori) insulted the King. The police could not arrest him for impersonation because he is covered by Uduaghan immunity, so to say.


HRM Oreki II JP, Ovie of Oghara Kingdom probably would have lived much longer, but for the trouble given to him by Mr. William Ibori and his cohort, he died. And after his death, Mr. William Ibori and his group of trouble makers rushed to Sapele High Court (suit No. S75/2011) to seek injunction against the King Makers from burying the king. They also seek to restrain the King Makers from nominating, selecting, electing or crowning anybody as Ovie of Oghara. The ruling by Justice G.E. Gbemre threw out their suit for lack of merit. They then threatened to cause trouble during the burial of HRM Oreki II JP, Ovie of Oghara Kingdom, but for the overwhelming support of the youths and women of Oghara, and police drafted from other area because of the strong influence of most members of Council of King Makers.

According to Oghara tradition, it is forbidden to carry out festival during the burial of an Ovie, but Mr. William Ibori, because of his backers – Uduaghan’s government, announced that on 11th day of December 2011 is Oghara festival. Nobody listened to him anyway because everybody knew it was a taboo. After the burial of the king, they wrote petition to IGP that the King Makers are planning to murder Mr. William Ibori and two of body guards. The IGP threw out their petition as they could not substantiate their claims in the petition. They were warned to desist from frivolity as it tends to mislead the police.

It is a known fact that under the guise of Vigilante Group, guns have been provided to young men, who Mr. William Ibori moves with in the community, wielding guns freely and the police seem powerless cannot challenge him. This is only happening because Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan is deemed to be his cover. Mr. William Ibori has decided to take laws into his hands because he is supported and sponsored by the powers that be. Unfortunately and in continuation of his outlaw status, about three months ago after the burial of late the King, Oreki II, the Ovie of Oghara Kingdom, Mr. William Ibori collected money ranging from N300,000.00 upwards from 14 persons for chieftaincy title. He conferred chieftaincy titles on those unsuspecting members of the public, even though he knew that he lack such authority. Also, he called and started extorting money from people who wanted to be Ovie of Oghara. Only God knows how much he collected from these people.
One thing he probably did not know is that it is a taboo to ask for financial inducement from a would-be king, this he did with impunity, and from there, the highest bidder, Chief Noble Eshemitan, whose mother is alleged to be an Itsekiri woman, has been selected and published by Mr. William Ibori as his Ovie-elect.

As reported in the Pointer Newspaper of 26th July 2012, after a three-month search for a successor to the late Oreki II, kingmakers of Oghara Kingdom in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State last weekend announced 53-year- old Chief Christopher Ejeyabu Erijitomah as the Ovie-elect. This was contained in a statement  circulated to newsmen after a three-day special session held by the kingmakers to complete the selection process.

The statement was jointly signed by the Unugbrogodo (Traditional Speaker) of Ogharefe, Chief Samuel Erubami; his counterpart from Oghareki, Chief Monday Magini; the Eruovie of Oghara Kingdom, Chief Victor Erunedo, and the Unuevwolo of Ogharefe, Chief Bini Ajoshoke.

Other signatories are the Unuevwolo of Ogharefe, Chief Bini Ajoshoke; the Secretary, Oghara Traditional Council, Chief Duncan Ewhere; the Arueleh of Oghara Kingdom, Chief Peter Oboh, and the Noowah, Chief James Odivwovene.

According to the statement, seven aspirants initially presented themselves for screening out of which Chiefs Christopher Erijitomah, Champion Omomedia, Stanley Sagboje and ASP Macauley Akpuri made it to the second round of the selection exercise. “A special check was carried out on all four and the oracle confirmed Christopher Ejeyabu Erijitomah as the Ovie of Oghara. This of course guided the Kingmakers in arriving at the decision to pick him as Ovie-elect. “The traditional preparations for the installation and coronation shall be made public through the kingmakers,” the statement added.

In addition, the Council of King Makers headed by Chief Samuel Erubami released a stern press statement to cancel whatever publications that came from Mr. William Ibori to be disregarded by Oghara people. The Council of King Makers has been consulting the gods of the land for the past three months, where the gods revealed that HRM Christopher Ejeyabu Erijitomah is the Ovie to be crowned to succeed HRM Oreki II JP. The press statement was issued which the cabal suppressed from appearing in Urhobo Time and Urhobo Voice, however Vanguard and Pointer managed to pick the news.

On Friday 20th July, Mr. William Ibori sent Chief Eshemitan whom he illegally elected as his Ovie to Oguedion Council Hall of Oghareki. Apart from the huge number of police presence, there was no crowd to welcome them, but the people manage to tell Chief Eshemitan that the throne is not for an Itsekiri man. He left the place with the women booing him.

On Saturday 28/07/12, the King Makers led by Chief Victor Erunedo, The Eruovie of Oghara Kingdom led the Ovie-elect round the streets of Oghara Kingdom as the tradition demands. The terminal point being the Oguedion of Oghareki Council Hall was prepared to receive the Ovie-elect. But in the process, three Toyota Hilux vans full of anti-riot mobile policemen were dispatched to seal off the Oguedion on orders from above. The community youth numbering over three thousand, women inclusive storm the Oguedion to chase the police away.

Then not quite one hour after the first set of police were chased away, the state governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan personally led other team of dear devil policemen down to the gate of the Oguedion where his attempt to personally lock up the Oguedion was resisted by women and youth numbering over two thousand. The governor left the place very disappointed as he could not fulfill his mission of frustrating the presentation of the Ovie-elect, HRM Christopher Ejeyabu Erijitomaah to the Edion for blessing from the gods of the land.

In the process, they fired good number of tear gas canisters on the crowd of women and youth, and the following persons sustained injury:- Mr. Opuoru Odiri, Kingsley Eghirieme,, Elvis Keneghe, Glads Agbe, Blessing Adiohwo, Pan Umukoro, Kokuma Kurubeta, Aboke.

From the foregoing, it is obvious for all to see that the Governor of Delta State, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan is using his office to oppress the Oghara people and he has packed Oghara full with police on special orders not to allow the installation of HRM Christopher Erijitomaah. Meanwhile they are perfecting plans to install Chief Eshemitan as king over Oghara Kingdom.

We believe there is enough insecurity to contend with in Delta State and to view the action of the Governor, which is capable of causing more insecurity, is to say the least disheartening. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan; the Inspector General of Police; and Heads of all Security Agencies in Nigeria are hereby informed of the impending problem brewing in Oghara Kingdom and should do all they can to arrest the situation before it spirals out of control. No elected politician has the right to dabble into the traditional institutions of any Kingdom.

Chief Christopher Ejeyabu Erijitomah, Ovie-Elect of Oghara Kingdom

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  1. Frank permalink
    July 31, 2012 22:39

    This is what you get when you allow itsekiri people to take over your home town, from what i have seen the itsekiri people will continue to dictate who will lead those area’s because the people of Sapele and oghara have sold out their birthrite to them. the people of those area should stand and let the itsekiri people know that sapele and oghara is for the okpe’s and oghara people not itsekiri’s. you can still do that now if not you will regret when they will tell you that sapele and oghara belong to itsekiri’s.

  2. Obukohwo joshua permalink
    August 1, 2012 04:20

    Is the governior now the oracle,or is an elder in kindonwm.he is now the troble maker in his own stata. He shoul becareful

  3. Mayor Umukoro permalink
    August 1, 2012 12:12

    Charles thank u 4 d inf eshamitan, mr william ibori mr emmauel uduaghan &thair clek they we fall on thair plan 2 fraud oghara kindom with the power of GOD, Edion of oghara& the prayer of good people of oghara chief Christopher E ERIJITOMA will be install as only true KING(OVIE) Of oghara kingdom catastrophe for those whose want to fraud oghara for thair selfish reason if paravenctual noble eshemitan dclear as ovie by those evilmen he will be honor by him family & the evilmen only or will we have two king in oghara kingdom the original king(ovie)HRH CHRISTOPHER E ERIJITOMAH & fake king noble eshamitan i‘m strongly believe emmanuel uduaghan,william ibori, godtime& thair cabal will not suceed thair evil plan to dfraud oghara kingdom. GOD HELP OGHARA, GOOD PEOPLE OF OGHARA& HRH CHRISTOPHER E ERIJITOMAH

  4. Prince Daniel Fregene permalink
    August 1, 2012 12:36

    Much as i do not subscribe to Governor Uduaghan meddling in the Kingship tussle in Oghara Kingdom,I am using this medium to say that the itsekiri’s does not have any vested interest in Oghara land or any Urhobo kingdom so to speak.Mr Frank and Joshua and those that are always in the habit of blaming the Itsekiris for all the woes in Urhobo land should stop doing so.Concerning the ownership of Sapele and Oghara land we all know the truth but we have allowed sleeping dog to lies and no need to flog a dead horse.

  5. okangbo toritse. permalink
    August 1, 2012 22:57

    what a story. no matter how hard you fight the truth, there is always a fact to show. At the burial ceremony of the late mother to Chief James Ibori, the oghara people performed the burial rites by the Itsekiri tradition as the ancestral pedigree demands.Now the people wants a king without following the itsekiri customs and tradition. how? why? My advise to the loving people of oghara is to ignore this article and allow the law to take its course. Aghan D0…

  6. ovode godstime permalink
    August 2, 2012 05:58

    this guy well, why he won make he brother be king for another man land.

  7. Agnes Ologide permalink
    August 2, 2012 09:22

    Uhu! Uhu!! Uhu!!! A child that does not want the mother to sleep that child will not sleep too.

  8. Fresh permalink
    August 2, 2012 11:31

    @prince and okangbo…are u guys serious, as in, u dont bliv in the declaration of the oracle, and u say they aint following tradition, what a shame. If u think Ibori’s candidate shud be selected, then why is the oracle saying otherwise? U said the itsekiris do not have interest in the land, then Chief Eshemitan should also quit his prspects of becoming the ovie. The Governor is trying to cause a problem in the state with his cousins and u come here to spill trash…smh

  9. August 4, 2012 17:15

    The new elected king Chief Christopher , from all indication is the God sent king to deliver the people of oghara. I beg uduaghan to beware! Bewarn!

  10. August 4, 2012 20:33

    Duncan Ewhere wrote:
    Oghara Traditional Council paid homage to HRM Orefe III, The Ovie of Oghara Kingdom, who until 8.00am this morning (04/08/12), was addressed as Chief Christopher Erijitomah.

    Mosogar Chiefs and some top Jesse chiefs also paid courtesy visit immediately he was installed as the Ovie of Oghara Kingdom.

    Official presentation of Staff of Office (SoO) shall be presented by the State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan before the end of the year.

    The new Ovie of Oghara Kingdom and the Delta State Governor were both old students at Baptist High School, now Oghareki Model Secondary School, Oghareki. It is on record already that this school is famous because she has produced two state governors, one King, Council Chairman and Special Advisers, etc.

    Earlier today the joint session of Council of King Makers had presented the official crown of Oghara to the new custodian of our Traditional Council: the Oghara Intelligent Report (OIR), a secret document containing all information put together by Britain on Oghara Kingdom, were officially presented to the Monarch as part of his working tools. These are documents no one can find in the market place.

    Uku Oghara Na-Ovo, wo su tor!

  11. October 19, 2012 00:32

    A governor of a state ought to help ganrantee sercurity not adding more problems,uduaghan plssss free our people before edion Will strick you dead.

  12. June 23, 2013 17:34

    Emmanuel uduaghan is a stray dog and soon his end will come for all the pains he has caused my family in particular.

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