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Road Traffic Accident Fatalities: Nigeria Second Highest Amongst 193 Countries – Minister of Health

May 13, 2012

Twitter News@NigeriaNewsdesk
Nigeria has the second highest road traffic accident fatalities among the 193 countries in the world: Health Minister.

The above finding goes to show that the current approach by all agencies involved in driver training, testing and road safety issues have failed. FRSC was set up in 1988 (24 years ago) and there seem not to be any improvement, instead the situation is getting worse. There is too much emphasis on enforcement, when majority of those drivers did not undergo any training before the issuance of their driver licences. We must go back to basics. Our political leaders cannot continue to release damning statistics without genuine efforts to addressing the problems.

1. Unified and Structured Driver Training in Nigeria.
2. Proper, Uniform and Credible Driver Testing Regime.
3. Continued Professional Development (CPD) for Professional, Fleet and Corporate Drivers.
4. Centralised Database for Drivers.
There are Nigerians who have the requisite (theory and practical) to help chart a way forward. We are tired of constantly painting a gloomy picture.

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