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Ibori: Where are the rest? Where Is PDP? – 1 By Dele Sobowale

March 11, 2012

Culled from VANGUARD, Sunday 11th March 2011

“For the benefit of stakeholders and lovers of justice, it is interesting to note that the offences for which Ibori faces imminent jail term in London is (sic) only a minute aspect of the bouquet of offences committed by the governor during his eight years rule of Delta State…The former governor didn’t steal alone. There were accomplices…”. Mr Wilson Uwujaren, Acting Head of Media and Publicity, EFCC, Abuja.

Ibori disgraced Nigeria; twice convicted in London; going for a third and possibly again in Nigeria, still he managed to file false applications to rule Delta State for eight years under the banner of PDP. Is it possible that nobody knew of these convictions in the past? The British must be amused. What sort of a political party is this PDP which fields outlaws? Side by side with Ibori, to be sentenced in April should be a lot of people and a political party. Read on.

If and when the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, commences its cases against Ibori and accomplices, the first accomplice (or set of accomplices) to grab are the members of the Board of Trustees and National Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, 2003-7, and the Yar’Adua/Jonathan Presidential campaign Committee. From various sources, which cannot now be disclosed, the party reportedly received about N100 billion from Ibori for the prosecution of its 2007 campaigns; not only for the Presidency but for other contests as well.

In fact, the single largest recipient of funds stolen from Delta State of Nigeria (and Bayelsa as will soon be demonstrated) has been the PDP. One day we might, as a nation, ask how the over N200 billion spent in the 2011 presidential election by the party was sourced.

The truth is, with few exceptions, PDP members are totally corrupt. There is no Ministry or government agency, no state government or local government, or pension fund administered by the party, today which is not neck deep in corruption.

And, it all started even before the election of 1999. Ibori is only the latest and perhaps one of the biggest of the fraudsters PDP foisted on the people of Nigeria because his state had more money to be stolen than most. But, the biggest crooks operate in Abuja. They make Ibori appear honest.

In the first volume of a book, now partially in circulation titled, PDP:CORRUPTION INCORPORATED, I had started the process of documenting how unbridled corruption in government, costing us trillions, started with the PDP’s corruption of its own constitution and the acceptance of N130 million “donation” from Obasanjo weeks after the man was released from jail –almost a destitute. Nobody asked any questions about the sources of those funds. There and then the party branded itself as a “party for sale to the highest bidder”.

Chief James Onanefe Ibori

The second volume is in progress; it will provide more information about how Bayelsa was looted under Alamieyeseigha/Jonathan, Jonathan/Sylvia – among other states nationwide. So when the prosecutor called Ibori a “thief in government”, that description fits most Governors, Deputy Governors, Presidents and Vice Presidents we have had in Nigeria, irrespective of party but especially under PDP.

For a start, it is trite law that the receiver of stolen goods is an accomplice to the crime; especially when the amount distributed is so large that the giver could not have been expected to acquire it by honest means. PDP took the corruption road the minute nobody asked Obasanjo how he came about N130 million.

Later, no questions were again asked, when the same almost destitute individual, who should not have been a presidential candidate, according to the PDP constitution, started spending billions. We now know that Lt-General Theophillus Danjuma, who “owns” an oil well, provided most of the funds (read the book). But, even that contribution was apparently not sufficient. Candidate Obasanjo, almost penniless, in 1999 borrowed N1.4 billion from Alhaji Dangote for that election.

Dangote is nobody’s fool; he doesn’t go about lending bankrupts N1 billion; but, he knew the military were determined to make Obasanjo President. So, for Dangote, the N1.4 billion was an investment which was more than amply rewarded with several billions in Duty Waivers and concessions (read the book). With that sort of party leader, is it any wonder that Ibori robbed Delta State blind?

The first expenditure Obasanjo authorized was the N10 billion for Poverty Alleviation Programme, PAP. The PAP money was given to Chief Tony Anenih, a master fixer. Till today, there is no report about how the N10billion was spent. Anenih, at the material time, was given the title of “Party Leader” (never mind the party’s constitution does not recognize such a title). Again, with such leaders, what did anyone expect of Ibori?

That is only the preamble to the main  issue, namely, what about the accomplices? Ibori, whose life is already in ruins, can, at least, partly redeem himself by exposing all the accomplices who helped him to embezzle so much money and all the beneficiaries of his grand larceny. One inescapable accomplice is the PDP party – into whose coffers he poured billions of stolen funds from Delta State.

Alams went down quietly without disclosing the names of his partners in crime; perhaps because he feels that leaving them with their own loot provides an insurance against the rainy. In that case he stands condemned as unpatriotic. Nigeria is bigger than all the criminals who partook in the plunder of Bayelsa state — given the crushing poverty in the land.

The best thing Alams can do is to open up. Irrespective of whether Ibori and Alams open the can of worms they are holding or not, one thing is certain. NO GOVERNOR CAN ALONE STEAL ONE KOBO FROM HIS STATE. Who are the rest? Wait for the list….

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