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March 9, 2012

The time has come for patriotic Nigerians to rise up and demand that past Nigerian Presidents, Heads of States, Ministers, Ex- and present State Governors, Director Generals, Permanent Secretaries, Comptrollers, Owners of Oil Blocs in the country, etc, etc to return all their LOOTS AND STOLEN WEALTH and re-invest same loot in the various States where the stealing took place. If they do this, the Nigeria will be the richest black country in the world. Most, if not all past Presidents, Heads of States and State Governors are richer than their “States of Origin”, as a result of fraudulent acquisitions.

Writing on the James Ibori’s guilty plea to the 10-counts charge of money laundering and conspiracy to defraud Delta State, in an article titled “The Ibori Phenomenon: Thieves and Government Houses” by Is’haq Modibbo Kawu, he summarised the story of political leadership in Nigeria in the following words “….Our political recruitment process lost every semblance of decency and honour, precisely because the process today, is not wired for purposes of service delivery and patriotic exertion. Individuals personalise power to steal obscene sums of money, as part of the rituals of prebendalist politicking that has gone completely lunatic! This is the hallmark of the period since 1999”. Ibori’s case is just one of all the stealing of our commonwealth by majority of those who have been at the helm of affairs at Federal and State levels, and we are asking them to do the honourable thing and return their loots.

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